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Who updates what on or via this website

Ever wonder who to ask to update some specific content on this website?

As club members, we depend on this website, and its database to manage membership, emails to members, emails to groups of volunteers, like,  the calendar of events, governance, and news.  Below is a table showing who is responsible for content in these sources. 
But first note that you can edit content you posted, So update that yourself. For instance, if you added something to the calendar, you may be able to fix it yourself. If you described the course you teach, you can update that yourself. Some pages have a feedback link which will direct your comments back to the person responsible for the page.  The following table is not for finger pointing exercises..

If the following table hides cell borders in IE, try viewing in firefox...


What needs updating Who updates it in Web section URL How To
Monthly meeting notice VP messages Monthly meeting notice on home page  Update within a week of the last meeting to say Speaker To Be Announced.  Before overwriting last month's, copy it into a news article but uncheck "publish on the home page".  Update again as soon as known with the new speaker. How to save last months notice as a news record, and ujpdate the welcome message.
Course and SIG cover page. Training Courses cover page
To edit the introductory page, scroll down to "edit category", and choose Course or SIG in dropdown.
One Course or SIG description. SIG or Course Leader, or Training Director Courses Log in as Admin, then click Courses

Instructions for an existing course 

Instructions for a new course 

Adding a feedback link  and adding a photo

Calendar Publicity Calendar
update calendar entries
How To
Don Bentley's poem of the month Webteam News list for edit
How To
Other news Webteam News list for edit
How To
Moderators Webmaster cms nsngr_users
How To
Webteam group
Webmaster cms nsngr_users
How To
BBCMembers group
Membership cms nsngr_users
How To
Executive group
President cms nsngr_users
In the Forums Menu, you'll find a UserGroups link.  Then select the group and edit, add, delete it's members.  Also add / delete exec members through editgroups . Also set up members in email forwarding (through cpanel, not nuke
MIC Group
Clubhouse cms nsngr_users
How To
Membership renewals, updates, joins, find a member
MICs Membership Black MIC icon on Desktop of  Lab Login on LAB0 computer MIC Page Introduction
Clubhouse Clubhouse cms nsngr_users
How To
Membership Admin Webteam cms nsngr_users
How To
Photography Training-->??? cms nsngr_users
How To
Geneology SIG Training-->??? cms nsngr_users
TMGUG SIG Training-->??? cms nsngr_users
Administrators (Authors) Webmaster cmd nuke_authors


"-->" is a symbol for delegated responsibility.

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