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Welcome to Big Blue and Cousins - The Friendly Helpful Computer Club


April 16th Monthly meeting, Presentation at 2pm

(Not at the golf course this month)

Can I keep running Windows XP?  What do I do?

This will be a discussion about how to run old and new operating systems and programs safely.

As of 9pm Monday, the meeting is full with 30 members.



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Wed Apr 16• Monthly Meeting 2pm
Thu Apr 17• CMS SIG 2pm
Sat Apr 19• Clubhouse Open 12 - 4pm
Sun Apr 20• Clubhouse Open 12 - 4pm
Mon Apr 21• Seniors SIG 10am
Tue Apr 22• Clubhouse noon - 4pm
Thu Apr 24• CMS SIG 2pm
Fri Apr 25• Video Sig 10:am
Sat Apr 26• Clubhouse Open 12 - 4pm
Sat Apr 26• 9am onboard ferry: Photoshoot Tulips in Ag...
Sun Apr 27• Clubhouse Open 12 - 4pm
Mon Apr 28• Seniors SIG 10am
Tue Apr 29• Clubhouse noon - 4pm
Thu May 01• CMS SIG 2pm
Sat May 03• Linux Sig 9:30am Picasa, Gimp, & Dark Tabl...

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APCUG News: O'Reilly News 
UserGroup News

O'Reilly has been very supportive of user groups, We are enrolled in a program that provides us 3 printed books a quarter. In addition we get two certificates so we (or our members) can download ebooks in various formats,

We recommend that our members show their support of O'Reilly by visiting their store.

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Posted by rkehn on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 10:06:35 PST (289 reads)
SIGS: WordPress SIGs re-organized 

Those who have conquered the basics of WordPress  and who perhaps dream of becoming webmasters one day are invited to attend the CMS SIG which will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon of each month at 2:00 pm.  

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Posted by gbowden on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 15:52:02 PDT (1226 reads)
APCUG News: APCUG news 2014 

The latest  news from the Association of Personal Computer User Groups is available.

Lots of interesting information about what is happening with user groups around the country.

It is best viewed as a pdf file.

Q4 2013

Past reports are available - click to continue the story

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Posted by rkehn on Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 09:42:25 PDT (1417 reads)
Clubhouse: Video Tutorials 

Below are links to videos that explain common computer operations and club procedures.
If you want to add to this list, logon and click the Comment link below, include an instruction and link to your video.

How to use the Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) and scanner at the clubhouse
Updating Welcome Message on BBC Web home page
A guide of who updates what on our website, and how. The videos are in the column labelled "How To"

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Posted by gbowden on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 @ 14:11:51 PDT (6220 reads)
Daily Computer Quote



·Papering over e-books
·Yours to cut out and keep
·Rebels without a cause?
·Much to crow about
·Cancer quests
·Dark matter: not so dark
·Flying with the sun
·A digital heart attack
·End of the road for Windows XP
·Sunsets and scientists
·What comes around...
·Dark matter
·Anchors aweigh
·Picking over the traces
·A stern warming
·Homeopathy: the solution to humanity's woes
·Barking up the right tree
·Bitcoins run hot and cold
·Managing without brackets
·Dark matter


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